I’m 42.
The first 10 years of my career were a roller coaster of emotions:
我 42 岁了。

  • Rejected by MSFT
  • Rejected by Google (2x)
  • Fired by FB after 9 months
  • Fired by mint .com after 10 months
  • Built 20+ startups that didn’t work out

But I’ve also:

  • Built AppSumo to $100M/year in revenue (AppSumo 的年收入达到 1 亿美元)
  • Grew my YouTube channel to 1M+ subscribers (我的 YouTube 频道订阅者数量超过 100 万)
  • And have interviewed 1% of the world’s billionaires (并采访过全球 1% 的亿万富翁)

In short… I’ve made A LOT of mistakes. But I’ve also learned a lot.
简而言之……我犯了很多错误。 但我也学到了很多东西。

Today, I want to share a few pieces of brutally honest career advice that I’d give to my younger self (so you can avoid some of my pitfalls).

1/ It’s okay to feel lost 感到失落没关系

When I was younger, all my friends were becoming accountants, consultants, and bankers… but I knew that wasn’t for me. At the time, I felt lost and confused.
当我年轻的时候,我所有的朋友都成为会计师、顾问和银行家……但我知道那不适合我。 当时我感到失落和迷茫。

But looking back, I was exactly where I needed to be.

When you’re in your 20s, you’re not supposed to know exactly what you want to do with your career.
当你 20 多岁的时候,你不应该确切地知道自己想做什么。

Instead of trying to predict your career path, focus on taking daily action.

2/ Take more swings 进行更多的挥杆

I tried A LOT of businesses when I was young and broke, but I had a lot of time (Everspeed, CollegeUp, HFG Consulting, Entrepreneur27, etc.).
当我年轻且破产时,我尝试过很多生意,但我有很多时间(Everspeed、CollegeUp、HFG Consulting、Entrepreneur27 等)。

Early in your career, you can afford to take more risks because you have fewer obligations.

Create your own luck by taking a lot of relentless action.

  • Do free work to get your foot in the door 做免费工作以迈出第一步
  • Fly across the country to meet with an investor 飞越全国与投资者会面
  • Start the crazy business idea with your roommate 与你的室友一起开始疯狂的商业想法

Take more swings. You only need ONE to win.
进行更多的摆动。 您只需要一个即可获胜。

3/ Be the hub 成为枢纽

When I graduated from UC Berkeley in 2004, I hosted dinners, beer meetups, and conferences…even when I didn’t know anyone.

Me (in background) + Tim Ferriss at a meetup

The interesting people I helped at the time, like Ramit Sethi, Tim Ferriss, and Ryan Holiday ended up helping me 15 years down the line.

One way to get started right NOW:

Ask the smartest people you know, “Who is ONE person I should meet?’

A coffee or Zoom meeting may be the smartest investment you’ll ever make!

2004 年,当我从加州大学伯克利分校毕业时,我举办了晚宴、啤酒聚会和会议……即使我不认识任何人。

我(在背景中)+ Tim Ferriss 在一次聚会上

当时我帮助过的一些有趣的人,比如 Ramit Sethi、Tim Ferriss 和 Ryan Holiday,最终在 15 年后仍然帮助了我。



喝咖啡或 Zoom 会议可能是您做过的最明智的投资!

4/ Document your learning online 在线记录您的学习情况

I’ve been writing on my personal blog since 2000 (!!)
自 2000 年以来我一直在我的个人博客上写作(!!)

It’s led me to connect with amazing people and meet my business partner Chad Boyda.

Creating content is a career cheat code.

Worst case? You learn how to write and promote your work.
最坏的情况下? 您学习如何写作和推广您的作品。

Best case? You attract life-changing opportunities.
最好的情况? 你会吸引改变生活的机会。

You also get to look back on yourself and appreciate how far you’ve come. 😌

5/ Learn copywriting 学习撰稿

When I first started AppSumo, my buddy Neville tried to convince me to let him use “Copywriting” in our emails to help generate more sales.
当我第一次启动 AppSumo 时,我的好友 Neville 试图说服我让他在我们的电子邮件中使用“文案写作”来帮助产生更多销售额。

I was skeptical, and for good reason!

The first line of the email he wrote was “If you get a boner when I whisper the word ‘Garamond’ into your ear… might be interested.” 🙈

But guess what? The day that Neville’s email was sent out was the first day AppSumo made a $10,000 profit in a single day.
但猜猜怎么了? Neville 的电子邮件发出的那天是 AppSumo 单日盈利 10,000 美元的第一天。

Copywriting is not about hitting a word count or writing a five-paragraph essay.

It’s about capturing attention and persuading action.

You will never be disappointed by improving your communication skills.

Two great resources:

  1. The Boron Letters (It’s free!)
  2. Neville Medhora’s Copywriting Course

6/ Master the art of the cold email 掌握冷电子邮件的艺术

I’ve been sending cold emails since I was a freshman at UC Berkeley.

The best cold emails:

  • Get to the point 进入正题
  • Instantly grab attention 立即吸引注意力
  • Answer “What’s in it for me?” 回答“这对我有什么好处?”

If you don’t get a response? Follow up without being rude.
如果没有得到回复? 跟进但不要粗鲁。

If you shoot 100 shots, you’re bound to land one hit.
如果你射击 100 次,你一定会击中一球。

7/ Mentors are overrated 导师被高估了

Wanna know the best way to find a mentor? Become someone worth mentoring.
想知道寻找导师的最佳方式吗? 成为值得指导的人。

  • Start things 开始做事
  • Encounter a problem 遇到问题
  • Ask for SPECIFIC feedback, not advice 寻求具体反馈,而不是建议
  • Report back on how you did 报告你的表现
  • Repeat 🔁 重复

You’ll realize you never needed a “mentor” in the first place.

8/ Build independent income streams 建立独立的收入来源

When I was young, I thought I was special because I started many businesses in college, had a blog, and worked at Facebook.
当我年轻的时候,我认为自己很特别,因为我在大学里创办了许多企业,拥有博客,并在 Facebook 工作。

The reality was I was dependent on my boss.

Getting fired taught me that EVERYONE is replaceable.

One of my first side hustles ( only made around $50/month BUT taught me the fundamentals of coding and marketing.
我的第一个副业 ( 每月只赚 50 美元左右,但教会了我编码和营销的基础知识。

Start more side hustles. You’ll learn more, earn independent income, and maybe even replace your income to go full-time.
开始更多的副业。 你会学到更多,赚取独立收入,甚至可能取代你的收入去做全职工作。

9/ Give way less fucks about other people 少管别人的事

No amount of money, followers, or acknowledgment will quench your thirst for fulfillment if you don’t learn to be proud of yourself.

The truth is the people you’re trying to impress aren’t even thinking about you in the first place.

Instead of trying to prove others wrong, prove yourself right.

10/ Have more patience that it will work out 要有更多的耐心,它会成功的

In my 20s, I was impatient to get rich and famous. I beat myself up a ton.
在我 20 多岁的时候,我迫不及待地想要变得富有和出名。 我狠狠地打败了自己。

That’s a miserable way to live. You don’t have to be so hard on yourself.
这是一种悲惨的生活方式。 你不必对自己太苛刻。

If you’re doing the reps, the results WILL pay off.

Wealth comes from compounded time.

Be impatient with actions and patient with results.

11/ Practice positive self-talk 练习积极的自言自语

After getting fired from Facebook, it took years to make peace with the voice in my head.
被 Facebook 解雇后,我花了好几年的时间才与脑海中的声音和平相处。

I ignored all the cliche mindset advice because I wasn’t where I wanted to be in life.

But as I’ve gotten older and more mature – I’ve realized how powerful your self-confidence matters for your life and business.

A practice that’s helped:

Any time you say something negative about yourself, also say something positive. (Thanks Tynan for the tip.)
每当你对自己说一些消极的话时,也要说一些积极的话。 (感谢泰南的提示。)

You can be your biggest critic as long as you’re also your biggest cheerleader.

What’s something nice that you can say to yourself right NOW?

12/ Don’t jump ship too early 不要太早放弃

One of my biggest regrets is shutting down CommunityNext (my conference business) when I should have hired someone to keep running it.
我最大的遗憾之一是关闭了 CommunityNext(我的会议业务),而我本应该聘请某人来继续运营它。

Someone else took that idea, ran with it, and sold it for multiple millions of dollars.

Instead of quitting when it gets boring – find someone to run it while you work on the next thing.

13/ Don’t let work consume your life 别让工作吞噬你的生活

I worked A LOT in my 20s.
我在 20 多岁时工作了很多。

I don’t regret it – because it got me to where I am today.

But don’t forget to have fun too!

Your youth is about a diversity of experiences.

Play sports. Travel abroad. Hang out with friends.
做运动。 出国旅行。 和朋友出去玩。

Ironically, doing those things will give you more inspiration for your work.

14/ Peer up the career ladder 审视职业阶梯

I wish I job shadowed and interviewed more people.

In school, we’re conditioned to fall in love with job titles, without knowing the day-to-day work.

It sounds cool to be a surgeon until you realize you have to deal with blood all day.

Here’s a template you can use:

“Hey, I’m a Senior at X college interested in [specific field]. Can I see what you do for a day?”
“嘿,我是 X 学院的一名大四学生,对[特定领域]感兴趣。 我可以看看你一天都在做什么吗?”

Don’t let an impressive-sounding title distract you from what matters most: doing work you enjoy.

15/ Your network DOES matter 你的网络很重要

Growing up in the bay was a huge cheat code.

I was surrounded by talented and driven people.

As cliche as it may be, the people in your life DO matter a ton.

If you can’t geographically surround yourself with exceptional people, surround yourself digitally.

Who’s on your WhatsApp? Text groups? Twitter DMs?
谁在你的 WhatsApp 上? 文本组? Twitter 私信?

And are those people helping you get closer or further from your goals?

16/ Read more biographies 阅读更多传记

A wise friend once told me, “There are million-dollar lessons hidden in $30 books.”
一位明智的朋友曾经告诉我:“30 美元的书中隐藏着价值数百万美元的教训。”

Biographies give you a unique peek into the lives of great people.

Instead of learning from your own mistakes, why not learn from those who have come before you?

Some of my favorites:

  • Steve Jobs 史蒂夫·乔布斯
  • Bill Gates 比尔·盖茨
  • Dalai Lama 达赖喇嘛

17/ Keep a journal 记日记

I’ve kept a private blog since my time at Facebook.
自从在 Facebook 工作以来,我就一直保留着一个私人博客。

It’s helped me become aware of my thought process and emotions.

Document how you’re thinking about your life as you’re living it.

You don’t even need to share it online.

Plus, it’s cool to see how your thinking evolves.

18/ You’re gonna be okay 你会没事的

You’re young.

It’s okay if you don’t have everything figured out.

Zoom out. We’re just a bunch of monkeys floating around on a tiny rock in space.
缩小。 我们只是一群漂浮在太空小岩石上的猴子。

Hang around optimistic people. Do things that inspire you. Enjoy the party while we’re around.
和乐观的人在一起。 做一些激励你的事情。 当我们在场时,享受派对吧。

It will all work out.

Rooting for you,

Noah 🌮

PS. Million Dollar Weekend is the business book I wish I had when I was younger. It contains everything I’ve learned from building eight million-dollar businesses. Let’s build your dream business this weekend! 💚
附言:《百万美元周末》是我年轻时希望拥有的商业书籍。它包含了我从建立 800 万美元的企业中学到的一切。这个周末让我们建立您的梦想事业!