Python 单元测试框架


  1. openatx/uiautomator2
    Android Uiautomator2 Python Wrapper
  2. pytest-dev/pytest
    The pytest framework makes it easy to write small tests, yet scales to support complex functional testing
  3. pytest-dev/pytest-testinfra
    Testinfra test your infrastructures
  4. jeffzh3ng/fuxi
    Penetration Testing Platform
  5. locustio/locust
    Scalable user load testing tool written in Python
  6. svanoort/pyresttest
    Python Rest Testing
  7. SECFORCE/sparta
    Network Infrastructure Penetration Testing Tool
  8. sivel/speedtest-cli
    Command line interface for testing internet bandwidth using
  9. infobyte/faraday
    Collaborative Penetration Test and Vulnerability Management Platform
  10. robotframework/robotframework
    Generic automation framework for acceptance testing and RPA
  11. Manisso/fsociety
    fsociety Hacking Tools Pack – A Penetration Testing Framework
  12. cocotb/cocotb
    cocotb, a coroutine based cosimulation library for writing VHDL and Verilog testbenches in Python
  13. wolever/parameterized
    Parameterized testing with any Python test framework
  14. cujanovic/SSRF-Testing
    SSRF (Server Side Request Forgery) testing resources
  15. liwanlei/FXTest
    接口自动化测试平台——python+flask版,支持http协议,java 版本开发完毕
  16. kmmbvnr/django-jenkins
    Plug and play continuous integration with django and jenkins
  17. xiaocong/uiautomator
    Python wrapper of Android uiautomator test tool.
  18. cobrateam/splinter
    splinter - python test framework for web applications
  19. FSecureLABS/needle
    The iOS Security Testing Framework
  20. robotframework/SeleniumLibrary
    Web testing library for Robot Framework
  21. githublitao/api_automation_test
  22. ndb796/python-for-coding-test
    [한빛미디어] "이것이 취업을 위한 코딩 테스트다 with 파이썬" 전체 소스코드 저장소입니다.
  23. FactoryBoy/factory_boy
    A test fixtures replacement for Python
  24. Blazemeter/taurus
    Automation-friendly framework for Continuous Testing by
  25. jazzband/django-nose
    Django test runner using nose
  26. flipkart-incubator/Astra
    Automated Security Testing For REST API's
  27. nose-devs/nose
    nose is nicer testing for python
  28. SecuraBV/CVE-2020-1472
    Test tool for CVE-2020-1472
  29. localstack/localstack
    💻 A fully functional local AWS cloud stack. Develop and test your cloud & Serverless apps offline!
  30. spulec/freezegun
    Let your Python tests travel through time
  31. Tencent/FAutoTest
    A UI automated testing framework for H5 and applets
  32. robotframework/RIDE
    Test data editor for Robot Framework
  33. microsoft/playwright-python
    Python version of the Playwright testing and automation library.
  34. autotest/autotest
    Autotest - Fully automated tests on Linux
  35. ansible-community/molecule
    Molecule aids in the development and testing of Ansible roles
  36. pytest-dev/pytest-xdist
    pytest plugin for distributed testing and loop-on-failures testing modes.
  37. powerfulseal/powerfulseal
    A powerful testing tool for Kubernetes clusters.
  38. google/nogotofail
    An on-path blackbox network traffic security testing tool
  39. wntrblm/nox
    Flexible test automation for Python
  40. mjhea0/flaskr-tdd
    Flaskr: Intro to Flask, Test-Driven Development (TDD), and JavaScript
  41. aws-ia/taskcat
    Test all the CloudFormation things! (with TaskCat)
  42. facebookarchive/huxley
    A testing system for catching visual regressions in Web applications.
  43. pytest-dev/pytest-bdd
    BDD library for the py.test runner
  44. dagrz/aws_pwn
    A collection of AWS penetration testing junk
  45. boxed/mutmut
    Mutation testing system
  46. vishnubob/wait-for-it
    Pure bash script to test and wait on the availability of a TCP host and port
  47. ethereum/casper
    Casper contract, and related software and tests
  48. jhlau/doc2vec
    Python scripts for training/testing paragraph vectors
  49. fsociety-team/fsociety
    A Modular Penetration Testing Framework
  50. 0xInfection/TIDoS-Framework
    The Offensive Manual Web Application Penetration Testing Framework.
  51. praetorian-inc/pentestly
    Python and Powershell internal penetration testing framework
  52. hizhangp/yolo_tensorflow
    Tensorflow implementation of YOLO, including training and test phase.
  53. zhuifengshen/xmind2testcase
  54. AnasAboureada/Penetration-Testing-Study-Notes
    Penetration Testing notes, resources and scripts
  55. jseidl/GoldenEye
    GoldenEye Layer 7 (KeepAlive+NoCache) DoS Test Tool
  56. testcontainers/testcontainers-python
    Testcontainers is a Python library that providing a friendly API to run Docker container. It is designed to create runtime environment to use during your automatic tests.
  57. spulec/moto
    A library that allows you to easily mock out tests based on AWS infrastructure.
  58. buildbot/buildbot
    Python-based continuous integration testing framework; your pull requests are more than welcome!
  59. fossasia/open-event-server
    The Open Event Organizer Server to Manage Events
  60. AirtestProject/Poco
    A cross-engine test automation framework based on UI inspection
  61. Yijunmaverick/CartoonGAN-Test-Pytorch-Torch
    Pytorch and Torch testing code of CartoonGAN [Chen et al., CVPR18]
  62. ionelmc/pytest-benchmark
    py.test fixture for benchmarking code
  63. aws/aws-sam-cli
    CLI tool to build, test, debug, and deploy Serverless applications using AWS SAM
  64. crossbario/autobahn-testsuite
    Autobahn WebSocket protocol testsuite
  65. sixpack/sixpack
    Sixpack is a language-agnostic a/b-testing framework
  66. SofianeHamlaoui/Lockdoor-Framework
    🔐 Lockdoor Framework : A Penetration Testing framework with Cyber Security Resources
  67. mongomock/mongomock
    Small library for mocking pymongo collection objects for testing purposes
  68. OWASP/owasp-mstg
    The Mobile Security Testing Guide (MSTG) is a comprehensive manual for mobile app security testing and reverse engineering. It describes the technical processes for verifying the controls listed in the OWASP Mobile Application Security Verification Standard (MASVS).
  69. python-needle/needle
    Automated tests for your CSS.
  70. gyoisamurai/GyoiThon
    GyoiThon is a growing penetration test tool using Machine Learning.
  71. SeldomQA/seldom
    WebUI/HTTP automation testing framework based on unittest
  72. joestump/python-oauth2
    A fully tested, abstract interface to creating OAuth clients and servers.
  73. maltize/sublime-text-2-ruby-tests
    Sublime Text 2 plugin for running ruby tests! (Unit, RSpec, Cucumber)
  74. emirozer/fake2db
    create custom test databases that are populated with fake data
  75. owid/covid-19-data
    Data on COVID-19 (coronavirus) cases, deaths, hospitalizations, tests • All countries • Updated daily by Our World in Data
  76. Teemu/pytest-sugar
    a plugin for py.test that changes the default look and feel of py.test (e.g. progressbar, show tests that fail instantly)
  77. GeorgeSeif/Semantic-Segmentation-Suite
    Semantic Segmentation Suite in TensorFlow. Implement, train, and test new Semantic Segmentation models easily!
  78. jamesls/fakeredis
    Fake implementation of redis API (redis-py) for testing purposes
  79. HypothesisWorks/hypothesis
    Hypothesis is a powerful, flexible, and easy to use library for property-based testing.
  80. se2p/pynguin
    The PYthoN General UnIt Test geNerator is a test-generation tool for Python
  81. luogu-dev/cyaron
    CYaRon: Yet Another Random Olympic-iNformatics test data generator
  82. knownsec/pocsuite3
    pocsuite3 is an open-sourced remote vulnerability testing framework developed by the Knownsec 404 Team.
  83. seleniumbase/SeleniumBase
    A Python framework that inspires developers to become better test automation engineers. 🧠💡
  84. terraform-compliance/cli
    a lightweight, security focused, BDD test framework against terraform.
  85. coqui-ai/TTS
    🐸💬 - a deep learning toolkit for Text-to-Speech, battle-tested in research and production
  86. facebookresearch/DomainBed
    DomainBed is a suite to test domain generalization algorithms
  87. qubvel/ttach
    Image Test Time Augmentation with PyTorch!
  88. RhinoSecurityLabs/pacu
    The AWS exploitation framework, designed for testing the security of Amazon Web Services environments.
  89. doyensec/inql
    InQL - A Burp Extension for GraphQL Security Testing
  90. revsys/django-test-plus
    Useful additions to Django's default TestCase
  91. online-judge-tools/oj
    Tools for various online judges. Downloading sample cases, generating additional test cases, testing your code, and submitting it.
  92. ticarpi/jwt_tool
    :snake: A toolkit for testing, tweaking and cracking JSON Web Tokens
  93. yashaka/selene
    User-oriented Web UI browser tests in Python
  94. davidtvs/pytorch-lr-finder
    A learning rate range test implementation in PyTorch
  95. kevinburke/hamms
    Malformed servers to test your HTTP client
  96. tarpas/pytest-testmon
    Selects tests affected by changed files. Continous test runner when used with pytest-watch.
  97. pluwen/awesome-testflight-link
    Collection of Testflight public app link(iOS/iPad OS/macOS)。
  98. facebookarchive/bootstrapped
    Generate bootstrapped confidence intervals for A/B testing in Python.
  99. devpi/devpi
    Python PyPi staging server and packaging, testing, release tool
  100. eth-brownie/brownie
    A Python-based development and testing framework for smart contracts targeting the Ethereum Virtual Machine.
  101. scanapi/scanapi
    Automated Integration Testing and Live Documentation for your API
  102. kevin1024/vcrpy
    Automatically mock your HTTP interactions to simplify and speed up testing
  103. sodadata/soda-core
    Data profiling, testing, and monitoring for SQL accessible data.
  104. CleanCut/green
    Green is a clean, colorful, fast python test runner.
  105. trailofbits/deepstate
    A unit test-like interface for fuzzing and symbolic execution
  106. ashishb/adb-enhanced
    🔪Swiss-army knife for Android testing and development 🔪 ⛺
  107. D4Vinci/One-Lin3r
    Gives you one-liners that aids in penetration testing operations, privilege escalation and more
  108. newsapps/beeswithmachineguns
    A utility for arming (creating) many bees (micro EC2 instances) to attack (load test) targets (web applications).
  109. nilboy/tensorflow-yolo
    tensorflow implementation of 'YOLO : Real-Time Object Detection'(train and test)
  110. NVlabs/FUNIT
    Translate images to unseen domains in the test time with few example images.
  111. kyclark/tiny_python_projects
    Code for Tiny Python Projects (Manning, 2020, ISBN 1617297518). Learning Python through test-driven development of games and puzzles.
  112. XifengGuo/CapsNet-Keras
    A Keras implementation of CapsNet in NIPS2017 paper "Dynamic Routing Between Capsules". Now test error = 0.34%.
  113. defparam/smuggler
    Smuggler - An HTTP Request Smuggling / Desync testing tool written in Python 3
  114. joeyespo/pytest-watch
    Local continuous test runner with pytest and watchdog.
  115. s0md3v/Blazy
    Blazy is a modern login bruteforcer which also tests for CSRF, Clickjacking, Cloudflare and WAF .
  116. chakki-works/sumeval
    Well tested & Multi-language evaluation framework for text summarization.
  117. kiwitcms/Kiwi
    The leading open source test management system with over 1 million downloads!
  118. chenjj/espoofer
    An email spoofing testing tool that aims to bypass SPF/DKIM/DMARC and forge DKIM signatures.🍻
  119. MisterBianco/BoopSuite
    A Suite of Tools written in Python for wireless auditing and security testing.
  120. cszn/KAIR
    Image Restoration Toolbox (PyTorch). Training and testing codes for DPIR, USRNet, DnCNN, FFDNet, SRMD, DPSR, BSRGAN, SwinIR
  121. rueckstiess/mtools
    A collection of scripts to set up MongoDB test environments and parse and visualize MongoDB log files.
  122. MozillaSecurity/funfuzz
    A collection of fuzzers in a harness for testing the SpiderMonkey JavaScript engine.
  123. schemathesis/schemathesis
    A modern API testing tool for web applications built with Open API and GraphQL specifications.
  124. worstcase/blockade
    Docker-based utility for testing network failures and partitions in distributed applications
  125. kvalle/diy-lang
    A hands-on, test driven guide to implementing a simple programming language
  126. nidhaloff/igel
    a delightful machine learning tool that allows you to train, test, and use models without writing code
  127. minimaxir/gpt-3-experiments
    Test prompts for OpenAI's GPT-3 API and the resulting AI-generated texts.
  128. tonglei100/sweetest
    小而美的自动化测试解决方案,支持 Web UI 测试,Http 接口测试,DB 操作测试,App 测试,小程序测试,Windows GUI 测试,文件操作
  129. sdispater/cleo
    Cleo allows you to create beautiful and testable command-line interfaces.
  130. joedicastro/vps-comparison
    A comparison between some VPS providers. It uses Ansible to perform a series of automated benchmark tests over the VPS servers that you specify. It allows the reproducibility of those tests by anyone that wanted to compare these results to their own. All the tests results are available in order to provide independence and transparency.
  131. ryansmcgee/seirsplus
    Models of SEIRS epidemic dynamics with extensions, including network-structured populations, testing, contact tracing, and social distancing.
  132. karec/cookiecutter-flask-restful
    Flask cookiecutter template for builing APIs with flask-restful, including JWT auth, cli, tests, swagger, docker and more
  133. facebookresearch/FixRes
    This repository reproduces the results of the paper: "Fixing the train-test resolution discrepancy"
  134. honeynet/droidbot
    A lightweight test input generator for Android. Similar to Monkey, but with more intelligence and cool features!
  135. darrenburns/ward
    Ward is a modern test framework for Python with a focus on productivity and readability.
  136. httpie/http-prompt
    An interactive command-line HTTP and API testing client built on top of HTTPie featuring autocomplete, syntax highlighting, and more.
  137. codingo/Reconnoitre
    A security tool for multithreaded information gathering and service enumeration whilst building directory structures to store results, along with writing out recommendations for further testing.
  138. deepmind/pycolab
    A highly-customisable gridworld game engine with some batteries included. Make your own gridworld games to test reinforcement learning agents!
  139. mjpost/sacrebleu
    Reference BLEU implementation that auto-downloads test sets and reports a version string to facilitate cross-lab comparisons
  140. pschanely/CrossHair
    An analysis tool for Python that blurs the line between testing and type systems.
  141. microsoft/restler-fuzzer
    RESTler is the first stateful REST API fuzzing tool for automatically testing cloud services through their REST APIs and finding security and reliability bugs in these services.
  142. RussBaz/enforce
    Python 3.5+ runtime type checking for integration testing and data validation
  143. pyvisa/pyvisa
    A Python package with bindings to the "Virtual Instrument Software Architecture" VISA library, in order to control measurement devices and test equipment via GPIB, RS232, or USB.
  144. garethdmm/gryphon
    Powerful, proven, and extensible framework for building trading strategies at any frequency, with a focus on crypto currencies. Battle-tested with billions traded.
  145. taverntesting/tavern
    A command-line tool and Python library and Pytest plugin for automated testing of RESTful APIs, with a simple, concise and flexible YAML-based syntax
  146. dephell/dephell
    :package: :fire: Python project management. Manage packages: convert between formats, lock, install, resolve, isolate, test, build graph, show outdated, audit. Manage venvs, build package, bump version.
  147. hash3liZer/WiFiBroot
    A Wireless (WPA/WPA2) Pentest/Cracking tool. Captures & Crack 4-way handshake and PMKID key. Also, supports a deauthentication/jammer mode for stress testing
  148. GoVanguard/legion
    Legion is an open source, easy-to-use, super-extensible and semi-automated network penetration testing tool that aids in discovery, reconnaissance and exploitation of information systems.
  149. EnableSecurity/sipvicious
    SIPVicious OSS has been around since 2007 and is actively updated to help security teams, QA and developers test SIP-based VoIP systems and applications.
  150. deepchecks/deepchecks
    Test Suites for Validating ML Models & Data. Deepchecks is a Python package for comprehensively validating your machine learning models and data with minimal effort.
  151. microsoft/dowhy
    DoWhy is a Python library for causal inference that supports explicit modeling and testing of causal assumptions. DoWhy is based on a unified language for causal inference, combining causal graphical models and potential outcomes frameworks.
  152. YudeWang/deeplabv3plus-pytorch
    Here is a pytorch implementation of deeplabv3+ supporting ResNet(79.155%) and Xception(79.945%). Multi-scale & flip test and COCO dataset interface has been finished.
  153. james-atkinson/speedcomplainer
    A python app that will test your internet connection and then complain to your service provider (and log to a data store if you'd like)
  154. flyteorg/flyte
    Kubernetes-native workflow automation platform for complex, mission-critical data and ML processes at scale. It has been battle-tested at Lyft, Spotify, Freenome, and others and is truly open-source.
  155. galkan/crowbar
    Crowbar is brute forcing tool that can be used during penetration tests. It is developed to support protocols that are not currently supported by thc-hydra and other popular brute forcing tools.
  156. bslatkin/dpxdt
    Make continuous deployment safe by comparing before and after webpage screenshots for each release. Depicted shows when any visual, perceptual differences are found. This is the ultimate, automated end-to-end test.
  157. xtiankisutsa/MARA_Framework
    MARA is a Mobile Application Reverse engineering and Analysis Framework. It is a toolkit that puts together commonly used mobile application reverse engineering and analysis tools to assist in testing mobile applications against the OWASP mobile security threats.
  158. Quitten/Autorize
    Automatic authorization enforcement detection extension for burp suite written in Jython developed by Barak Tawily in order to ease application security people work and allow them perform an automatic authorization tests
  159. HXSecurity/DongTai
    DongTai is an interactive application security testing(IAST) product that supports the detection of OWASP WEB TOP 10 vulnerabilities, multi-request related vulnerabilities (including logic vulnerabilities, unauthorized access vulnerabilities, etc.), third-party component vulnerabilities, etc.
  160. bhdresh/CVE-2017-0199
    Exploit toolkit CVE-2017-0199 - v4.0 is a handy python script which provides pentesters and security researchers a quick and effective way to test Microsoft Office RCE. It could generate a malicious RTF/PPSX file and deliver metasploit / meterpreter / other payload to victim without any complex configuration.
  161. screetsec/BruteSploit
    BruteSploit is a collection of method for automated Generate, Bruteforce and Manipulation wordlist with interactive shell. That can be used during a penetration test to enumerate and maybe can be used in CTF for manipulation,combine,transform and permutation some words or file text :p
  162. cirosantilli/linux-kernel-module-cheat
    The perfect emulation setup to study and develop the Linux kernel v5.4.3, kernel modules, QEMU, gem5 and x86_64, ARMv7 and ARMv8 userland and baremetal assembly, ANSI C, C++ and POSIX. GDB step debug and KGDB just work. Powered by Buildroot and crosstool-NG. Highly automated. Thoroughly documented. Automated tests. "Tested" in an Ubuntu 19.10 host.