Socket activation with inetd/xinetd

Inetd and Xinetd are two daemons used to start network processes on demand. You can use this in uWSGI too.

Inetd stream tcp wait root /usr/bin/uwsgi uwsgi -M -p 4 --wsgi-file /root/uwsgi/ --log-syslog=uwsgi

With this config you will run uWSGI on port 3031 as soon as the first connection is made. Note: the first argument (the one soon after /usr/bin/uwsgi) is mapped to argv[0]. Do not forget this – always set it to uwsgi if you want to be sure.


service uwsgi
            disable         = no
            id              = uwsgi-000
            type            = UNLISTED
            socket_type     = stream
            server          = /root/uwsgi/uwsgi
            server_args     = --chdir /root/uwsgi/ --module welcome --logto /tmp/uwsgi.log
            port            = 3031
            bind            =
            user            = root
            wait            = yes

Again, you do not need to specify the socket in uWSGI, as it will be passed to the server by xinetd.

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