Cherokee support


Recent official versions of Cherokee have an uWSGI configuration wizard. If you want to use it you have to install uWSGI in a directory included in your system PATH.

  • Set the UWSGI handler for your target.
  • If you are using the default target (/) remember to uncheck the check_file property.
  • Configure an “information source” of type “Remote”, specifying the socket name of uWSGI. If your uWSGI has TCP support, you can build a cluster by spawning the uWSGI server on a different machine.


Remember to add a target for all of your URI containing static files (ex. /media /images ...) using an appropriate handler

Dynamic apps

If you want to hot-add apps specify the UWSGI_SCRIPT var in the uWSGI handler options:

  • In the section: Add new custom environment variable specify UWSGI_SCRIPT as name and the name of your WSGI script (without the .py extension) as the value.

Your app will be loaded automatically at the first request.

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